With a premium casual aesthetic, a construction that lends itself to comfort, and a utilisation of only the most durable of materials, Napapijri has been weaving fashion and the outdoors together for 30 years.

The brand was born in 1987 in the mountainous Aosta region of North West Italy, right under the silhouette of the Alps’ top boy; Mont Blanc. Its initial foray into travel bags soon evolved into a product range that included clothing and accessories, and in 1990 they released the iconic Skidoo jacket—a piece of clothing versatile enough for fashionable urban use and for hitting the snowy slopes. With its Norwegian flag logo, a nod to the prolific Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen (the first person to successfully navigate the fabled Northwest Passage and to reach the South Pole), it quickly became synonymous with those leading an active lifestyle while retaining a sense of style.

Naturally, Napapijri’s apparel has been taken on by myriad subcultures across the last three decades. Its Rainforest Summer jacket became an instant rave scene classic, with its pullover style water-repellent outer shell, and light mesh lining, a perfect recipe for protection and ease of movement on a long night (and day) out. Similarly, the jackets have provided safety from wind and water, but not disappointment, in football stadiums from Bolton to Bari.

We shot this AW17 film up a mountain called Kronplatz in the South Tyrolean Dolomites, near a town called Brunico. It was bloody glorious, and the garments are ace too. Alongside new iterations of the classic Rainforest and Skidoo Jackets, Napapijri came through with an Overhead Burgee Hoody with a useful front pocket and some warming Semiury Bobble Hats. You can shop the new AW17 range via Scotts Menswear here or read more about lovely coats in the latest issue of our magazine.