Hot on the heels of the news that Everton are the dirtiest team in Premier League history, the boffins at DirtyPlayers have been hard at work discovering who have been the dirtiest players of the Premier League era. Using the completely scientific ‘dirty points’ system, of 25pts for a red card, 5pts for a yellow card and 1pt for a foul, the lads in lab coats have been running the numbers, and it’s thrown up some very interesting (predictable) findings.

Handsome Gareth Barry has accumulated the most ‘Dirty Points’ in the history of the Premier League, whilst Lee Cattermole is the dirtiest player based on number of appearances and, obviously, Vinnie Jones was the dirtiest footballer for two consecutive seasons in ’94/’95 & ’95/’96.

Lee Cattermole and Joey Barton are the only two players to average more than 2 “dirty points” per appearance throughout their Premier League careers. Respect.

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